Life Lessons Learned While Carrying a Tray in Las Vegas


I couldn’t make this stuff up!

Luckily I didn’t have to!

Vegas is a crazy town, and I worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas casinos for over ten years. Does that mean I’m crazy?? Perhaps..

You might think serving cocktails is a mindless job that any bimbo with high heels and breast implants can do, but you’d be wrong. Doing the job well requires life skills and more than a little tolerance for the (often ungrateful) public.

Over the years, and the thousands of drinks I served, I learned a lot about people, and a lot about life.

I call it Cocktail Waitress Wisdom, and I hope those lessons will “serve” you well.

Some things you’l learn in my book:

  • How to recognize the “nickel player mentality”…do YOU have it?
  • How to identify real sexual harassment, and handle it in an effective way
  • Working with people who have real issues…and MUCH more

Click on the book cover to order! YES, that’s me on the cover!