Life Lessons Learned While Carrying a Tray in Las Vegas

About Heidi

There are thousands of showgirls in Las Vegas, but only one with a radio show!

Heidi Harris hosts weekday mornings on AM720 KDWN. She worked as a cocktail waitress for 12 years, and then as a lounge singer, before permanently retiring the fishnets.

Early on, Heidi realized that she wanted to be able to do lots of things in life (and boy, did she) everything from singing telegrams to professional HR recruiting. After many years of working in industries where she was often told to “shut up and calm down,” Heidi thought a new career might be worth exploring. Since her parents had been in the music business, she decided to start singing for a living, which she did for six years. In 1999, she was privileged to be sent by the Department of Defense to entertain the U.S. Troops in Bosnia. However, realizing that Cher is the only chick singer without an expiration date, Heidi thought it best to expand her horizons.

A big talk radio fan for many years, and never caught without an opinion, Heidi’s friends encouraged her to give talk radio a try.

It all worked out. Year after year, Talkers Magazine names Heidi among The 100 Most Influential Talk Hosts in America. She appears frequently on Fox News Channel and MSNBC.

Heidi has been named an Honorary Commander for the A-10 Division at Nellis Air Force base, where the guys gave her the call sign “Cougar” (don’t ask).

And now, an author!”
Heidi offers “life lessons learned while carrying a tray in Las Vegas,” that apply to ALL walks of life. Wise and wistful, its savvy advice is a thoughtful gift to the long-suffering daughters, mothers, sisters, and gal-pals in your life.
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